fence 15ft from easement on one side

How Close Can I Put A Fence to My Property Line?

On the other hand if your fence is right on the property line you will have to determine if your neighbors will be responsible for fence maintenance on their side or if you will be able to access their yard to stain or repair your fence when needed. Prescriptive Easement. If you set a fence inside your property line and your neighbor is able .【Get Price】

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According to our survey one side of our property includes an (unused) 15' wide storm drain easement. Our neighbors on that side have an old rusted and bent chain link fence and we want to replace it with a new taller wooden privacy fence.【Get Price】

What Are the Rules About Putting a Fence on an Easement?

The main rule of thumb for homeowners to follow when there is an easement on the property line is to avoid building anything including fences on said easements. Building a fence on an easement is risky because the property owner may be ordered to take it down or find it destroyed by a public utility that has easement access to the property.【Get Price】

Side by side driveway : can we erect a fence in our property .

Even if most or all of the driveway is on one property the adjoining property had a deeded easement over that property. If this is the case then you cannot do anything to restrict the neighbor's access. If the deed says nothing then speak with a good lawyer about the steps you will need to take to put up a fence on your property.【Get Price】

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Unlike an easement a license can normally be revoked at any time for any reason. If you grant your neighbor access under the terms of an easement agreement you may find it difficult to revoke including after your neighbor sells her property. Easements grant a right to one person to use property that is owned by another.【Get Price】

Encroachment: How to Handle Property Line Issues | Real Estate

Saw a property’s fence and one storage room on the middle of next door’s driveway and weird looking of the fence: snake shape. Legal documents show this: 13 years ago parents gave two property to son and daughter for each. 10 years ago son’s family sued daughter’s family and judge ordered this daughter’s family removed the fence and storage to give 20 yrs easement for the son can .【Get Price】

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The traditional definition of a good neighbor fence is one that has the same aesthetic appearance on both sides rather than a traditional construction which has all of the boards on one side secured to the stringer which then leaves one side looking at the posts and stringers while the other only sees the fence boards.【Get Price】

Erecting a Back Yard Fence in a Utility Easement

I have a utility easement in my backyard and I'm looking to find where I can build a fence. So I've been researching how far from utility easement I need to be. My argument is this. I would like to put fence roughly 2 feet from the power line in backyard. Duke Energy says they require 15 feet from center line. Here's the info.【Get Price】

Can I put a chain link fence on a 15 ft. utility easement on .

Yes you can put up a fence on your own property even if it runs alongside the easement. No you cannot put a fence that sits on the easement itself. Please let me know if I'm missing something here as this seems like a fairly cut-and-dried situation based on your description. Ask Your Own Real Estate Law Question【Get Price】

Can my neighbor fence in my easement? (house neighborhood .

As a result one side of my home is built right on the property line and the other side has a 10ft side yard. On the side of my home built on the lot line the neighbor has a fence that runs from the side of her home right up to the side of mine (about halfway down the side of the homes). I then have a fence on that same side from the back .【Get Price】

2 driveways next to ea. other. Can a fence be built between?

Our driveway will be a tunnel: on one side our house on the other side a fence. Lovely. It is so obvious that we will be forever inconvenienced (not to mention how it will turn off potential future buyers if we decide to move) but the neighbor does have the RIGHT to place the fence there.【Get Price】

Do I have to legally move my fence if it is an easement on .

If the fence went up under color of an easement I agree with Mr. Japp that the easement terms would govern. But if the easement does not contemplate a fence or was granted for some other purpose or is void or unenforceable as written or never was recorded consider adverse possession as a way out.【Get Price】