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Oak and maple are affordable durable hardwood flooring options for the kitchen. They are considered hardwoods as opposed to softwoods like cedar pine and spruce. Softwoods tend to dent more easily are more susceptible to scuffs scrapes and moisture than hardwoods and are not ideal in high-traffic areas like the kitchen.【Get Price】

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Brick flooring is very similar to stone and concrete in that it is a hard surface material that is also permeable and needs to be sealed. However once sealed it becomes a low-maintenance kitchen flooring option that only has to be swept free of debris every few days. The surface sealant will have to be reapplied periodically but as long as .【Get Price】

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When kitchen items fall on a cork floor they are unlikely to break (and BTW this is also a nice option if you have an older family member as they are less likely to fall and injure themselves). One downside with cork is that it’s a very niche and taste specific product.【Get Price】

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A great kitchen floor will add a beautiful look to this important part of your home whether doing a kitchen remodel or new build. There is a wide variety of kitchen floors such as natural stone floor tiles laminate kitchen flooring and sheet vinyl that you can use when aiming to get the most out of your floor so it can stand out and look strong.【Get Price】

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The endless flooring options available are leading to even cooler more exciting kitchen themes than ever before. This style guide will show you the hottest colors patterns and trends including rustic farmhouse industrial and contemporary kitchen flooring .【Get Price】

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Laminate is a very popular choice of kitchen flooring for those on a budget although opinion is sometimes split on its suitability for the high traffic and high humidity of a kitchen. Budget and ROI – Love it or hate it laminate flooring is a great choice for the kitchen if budget and ROI are you main concerns.【Get Price】

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Natural stone actually is rock making it a durable long-lasting flooring solution for the kitchen. Natural stone flooring options include marble granite slate limestone travertine and sandstone.【Get Price】

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The most crucial decision when thinking about kitchen flooring ideas must be the function of the flooring. The kitchen is a high-traffic area prone to spills varying from water to oils meals and wine. Furthermore you wish to look for best kitchen flooring options that are low maintenance and can withstand use over time. Here are collection .【Get Price】

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Ceramic floors are cheaper and although they are not as resistant they are the best option for those who do not want to shell out high value for the kitchen flooring. A box with 2 m² is sold for approximately R $ 20.00. The durability is much less than that of porcelain floors but the ease of cleaning is the same. Kitchen floor templates【Get Price】

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Tile is anecdotally-speaking the number one most popular option for kitchen flooring. A wide variety of kitchen floor tiles are available so it’s helpful to understand the differences and narrow it down to a few options you prefer.【Get Price】

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Although not as popular as other types of flooring bamboo is yet another good option for the kitchen and interior spaces in general. If harvested and handled properly bamboo flooring can be as durable as hardwood floors.【Get Price】

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Take a look at some of today's most popular kitchen flooring options. Linoleum Kitchen Floors Enhance your kitchen's design with suddenly fashionable again linoleum flooring an affordable eco-friendly and durable option available in a rainbow of colors.【Get Price】