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I am going to be building a little garage on the front of my place and was thinking about putting a deck over it. I currently have a deck and am not sure how to build a garage underneath and be able to roof it so then I thought about putting a flat roof on the garage and building a deck on the roof or using the roof as a deck.【Get Price】

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A floating wood or fiberboard deck will be more permanent and will require post supports thru the roofing. The more penetrations thru your roof the better chance of a leak but as long as you check roof periodically I would not worry about the deck system. I would completely float the deck about the roof with out connecting to any walls.【Get Price】

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Traditional homes often have sections of flat roof—over shed dormers above porches and garages and on balconies. And their horizontal lines abound in the West and in urban areas. But flat roofs take a pounding from harsh weather which is why they rarely last as long as a good sloped roof.【Get Price】

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Use a tape measure to measure from the floor of the deck to the edge of the roof. Write down the measurement. If you want to build a free-standing deck cover then you don’t need to measure the height of the roof. Make any free-standing structure at least 7 ft (2.1 m) tall so there is plenty of clearance under it.【Get Price】

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Building a deck over a driveway on a basement house with a garage door that is positioned beneath it presents some problems not associated with ordinary decks. The most obvious problem is spacing the posts far enough apart so you can drive between them. By spacing these posts further apart additional load is placed on them.【Get Price】

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I repair replace and build decks i do not notch my 4x post but when it is there already i like to use metal bracket on the two sides and if possible go underneath the deck and beef up the framework and add more support were i can the main idea in my opinion on rail system and support depends on how high the deck is. I am working on a roof deck .【Get Price】

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The final answer was to build a regular roof with a ridge extending onto the garage roof. With a width of 12' and a pitch of 4/12 that meant the ridge would have to be 2' higher than the eaves of the garage: half the 12' deck width is 6' which means a 2' rise.【Get Price】

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Place the deck planks every 6 inches which will leave a small gap between each plank. Nail the planks in place. Install the 14½ inch pieces as braces throughout the joists with a staggered row extending across the center of the deck. Step 5 - Add Handrails. A roof deck is almost certainly going to be required by law to have handrails. The .【Get Price】

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Set two of the 16 foot boards on each side of the spot where you want to build the deck. These are your end caps. Cut 12 of the shorter 2x6 to measure exactly 11 feet 9 inches. These are the joists for the deck.【Get Price】

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If you’d like to build a deck over your roof make sure the roof has a covering that allows water to run off. You’ll most likely be able to build the deck on that. Even if your roof has a slight pitch you can level it off through the construction of the deck’s understructure.【Get Price】

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Building a floating deck on an epdm rubber roof surface. by Paul (WA) I have an interesting problem. I am taking a 25x25 roof over a garage that was done in decking then tile and leaked. I tore everything up replaced the wood that needed it and built up the base and covered everything in EPDM.【Get Price】

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How to build a deck on a garage roof the right way We bought our house with our deck already built on the roof of the garage. The person who did it nailed the roofing felt directly through just everything now it is raining in our Garage.【Get Price】

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You can build a deck on a garage provided you have a garage with a flat roof or if you plan to build a garage that will be adjacent to the house but below the level of the main floor. A deck atop your garage may well save money compared to a deck built separate from your garage.【Get Price】

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If you want to build a deck on a roof first make sure the roof has a covering that will allow water to drain off. It's best to build the deck on top of that since the decking will allow some water to pass through. If your roof has a slight pitch as many roofs do that look flat you can construct the understructure of the deck to level it off.【Get Price】