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How to acheive 2 hour ceiling assembly with wood trusses .

2 layers of 5/8" firecode drywall will give you a 2 hour rating from below. All penetrations have to be fire caulked. This will not give the rating from above. Hope this helps. EDIT: I don't know where you could look it up. I'm speaking from experience. While double rocking a ceiling is not common we've done it.【Get Price】

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Drywall/Wood Framed Systems Section Pages Contents Partitions and Walls 2 Details/Partitions 6 Ceilings 9 Test Data/Ceilings 10 Details/Ceilings 13 Good Design Practices 15 Architectural Specifications 17 Introduction The basic gypsum drywall assemblies described herein offer economical quickly erected walls and ceilings on wood framing.【Get Price】

Achieving a 2 Hour Floor Ceiling Assembly From the Underside .

“Ceiling provides two hour fire resistance protection for wood framing.” Where that note is included the entire rating is provided by the gypsum and you don’t need a particular floor. On a related note the woman who answers the phone at the Gysum Association is very knowledgable about fire ratings.【Get Price】

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5/8” (15.9 mm) ToughRock® Fireguard X® Products applied perpendicular to 2” x 10” wood joists 16” (406 mm) o.c. with 1-7/8” (48 mm) 6d nails 6” (152 mm) o.c. Wood joists supporting 1” (25.4 mm) nominal wood sub and 1” (25.4 mm) nominal finish floor or 19/32” (15.1 mm) plywood finished floor with long edges T&G and 15/32 .【Get Price】

2-Hour Fire Endurance Assembly for MPCWT Structural Floor and .

L538 assembly was used in conjunction with the component additive method (CAM) principles. The calculations in this presentation are based on CAM principles for metal plate connected wood truss construction on behalf of the Structural Building Components Association.【Get Price】

Fire Resistance Rated Truss Assemblies

IBC Table 721.(3) item 21-1.1 describes a single prescriptive 1-hour rated floor or roof assembly that includes wood trusses: Wood joists wood I-joists floor trusses and flat or pitched roof trusses spaced a maximum 24" o.c. with 1/2" wood structural panels with exterior glue applied at right angles to top of joist or top chord of trusses .【Get Price】


Single Layer Wood Stud Wall with Resilient Channels on One Side (double layer gypsum board one side single layer other side) Resilient Channels Ceiling Gypsum Board 5 Wall & Floor Assembly Guide Construction Designs for Acoustical Control Ceiling Attachment Floor Attachment Ceiling Attachment Floor Attachment Ceiling Attachment Floor Attachment【Get Price】