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Washington state strictly enforces the deck railing codes to keep homeowners safe and prevent unnecessary injuries. Height of Deck If a deck is elevated over 30 inches from the ground guardrails must be installed.【Get Price】

Deck Code Guidelines for Guardrails and Stairway Railings

Deck Guardrail Height Deck guardrails (guards) should rise to at least 36 inches above the residential deck level. This is a minimum required height for residential structure—higher guards are acceptable.【Get Price】

What Is The Right Deck Railing Height?

Building codes are stricter than ever these days and it’s for good reason. If your deck railing is too low you could risk people falling off. But if it’s too high you could risk structural integrity. The code for deck railing height is actually 36 inches from deck floor to the top of the railing. This includes any sort of top piece.【Get Price】

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Building codes vary but most require a railing on decks more than 24 inches above the ground. A railing height requirement of 36 inches is common. If you're using treated wood make sure to use an end cut sealer on all the cuts to protect the exposed untreated wood. Railing posts can be attached .【Get Price】

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What is deck railing code height? Deck railing height should be a minimum of 36 inches; this should measure from the top edge of the top rail down to the the deck surface. This applies to the broad majority of the United States for all residential decks.【Get Price】

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Hi With regards to the external protection railings/balustrade if the railings to be installed on top a 300mm H retaining wall does it still need to be 1.1m height as the top of the railings will be 1.4m above the ground where people would be standing.【Get Price】

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Deck Railing Codes All decks higher than 30" above grade must have a guardrail. If you choose to install a guardrail on a deck lower than 30" you must still meet code requirements. Decks attached to single family detached homes are regulated under the rules of the International Residential Code (IRC).【Get Price】

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Different components of a deck railing system. Correct deck railing height — plus the right width of your balusters and height from deck surface to bottom rail. Your deck railing options. What Is a Deck Railing System? When you think “deck railing” you may think of it as a single piece tracing the outside of your deck.【Get Price】

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Railings for residential decks require a height of 3 feet from the floor of the deck to the rail top surface as mandated by the IRC. Commercial railings necessitate a higher railing at 42 inches as regulated by the IBC.【Get Price】

Standard Deck Railing Height: Code Requirements and Guidelines

Deck Railing Height Deck railing height is a minimum of 36”. In some states such as California the minimum height is 42”. There is no maximum height.【Get Price】

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The minimum height of the railing varies based on the height of the deck. Decks 24" to 5-10" (180 cm) need 36" guards and anything above 5-10" requires a 42" high railing. Respect Minimum Height Requirements Safety is important and something that should always supersede style.【Get Price】

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Install railings on any deck that is 30 inches or more from the surrounding surface and on at least one side of a stairway leading to the deck. The top of the handrail should be at least 34 inches .【Get Price】