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These are just a few items that need to be taken into consideration before a true estimate can be given. However states the cost of adding a screened in porch in 2013 runs about $4.74-$6.83 per square foot a cost that takes into consideration the average price of materials and hourly labor wages. What Can Patio Enclosures Offer?【Get Price】

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There are many variables that go into replicating your existing roof to extend it over the patio that you need to have a contractor visit the home see what you already have in place take accurate measurements and give you a quote. A very general price would be $35/sqft.【Get Price】

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While it can cost between $1000 and $2000 to add a screen around your entire patio they bring a host of advantages. Considering how many homeowners are adding privacy screens it seems the benefits below far outweigh the costs. First and foremost patio screens make your patio much more comfortable.【Get Price】

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The cost of materials for a basic 200sf screened in porch on an existing deck in most urban areas should run between $470 and $680 with an installation cost between $296 and $345. The total cost for a basic 200sf screened in porch will range from $766 to $1025 or an average cost of $4.48/sf.【Get Price】

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But before you launch into construction you'll of course have to consider how much the renovation will cost. According to 2020 research by Improvenet "a wrap-around porch that contains windows.【Get Price】

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If you are just adding screen to an already completed porch then you can get it done very affordably even more so if you’re doing it yourself (DIY). A porch commonly costs $15000 – $30000 but most spend $20000 on the project.【Get Price】