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A rainscreen façade is a cladding applied either during primary construction or as an over cladding to an existing structure. Rainscreen cladding consist of an outer weather-resistant decorative skin fixed to an underlying structure by means of a supporting grid which maintains a ventilated and drained cavity between the façade and the .【Get Price】

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Econowall™ Rainscreen Wall Systems. For areas of a building that may not require the robust durability of metal plate cladding soffits for example – or where cost reductions are desired Metalwërks Econowall is an excellent choice.【Get Price】

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A vertical oriented metal true continuous insulation rainscreen attachment (Knight Wall Systems’ Stone Wool CI System) assembly utilizes high-density mineral wool. The system supports high-pressure laminate panels for a portion of the building's façade. (Photo courtesy of Knight Wall Systems)【Get Price】

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Knight Wall Systems manufactures versatile ventilated rainscreen attachment systems that accommodate an expansive array of cladding options. Our expertise is focused on the means and methods of attaching rainscreen façade panels to the building while reducing the impact on the insulation (reduced thermal bridging).【Get Price】

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Lightweight and easy to install facade system is a perfect combination of building performance and visual impact【Get Price】

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Metal rainscreen cladding’s light weight makes it easy to install and work with. It also requires minimal maintenance. Metal Rainscreen Cladding Protects Insulation. Along with all of the advantages of metal rainscreen cladding systems its ability to prevent moisture from invading a building and causing structural deterioration is paramount .【Get Price】

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Element a durable architectural wall panel system is a horizontally applied metal panel providing design professionals with aesthetic versatility. Available with a 3/4-inch or 1-inch reveal joint this easy to install metal panel system is ideal for architectural wall and rainscreen applications.【Get Price】

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Aluminum honeycomb The QC Facades metal systems are unique open-jointed cladding systems based on the principles of rainscreen façade technology. The lightweight skins are fused to the aluminum honeycomb core that provides extreme panel strength and flatness.【Get Price】

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northclad provides high performance architectural cladding systems We specialize in spectacular exterior wall cladding systems designed to increase your building’s performance. NorthClad collaborates with our Architect Developer and Installer partners to create even the most complicated projects.【Get Price】

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Curved and flat floating plate rainscreen wall systems Previous Next Welcome to Metalwërks ® a leading U.S. manufacturer of precision high performance metal plate exterior facade systems integrated curtain wall components and custom architectural features.【Get Price】

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Rainscreen Cladding We supply a number of aluminum substructure systems that work seamlessly with a variety of exterior panel products. Our products are compatible with various panel thicknesses and designed to make mounting rain screen systems like Trespa’s TS-110 and TS-210 effortless. Trespa TS-110【Get Price】

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Distinguish between the different metal cladding panel types including single-skin metal panels MCM and IMPs and which wall systems approaches (barrier w all or rainscreen) are associated with each. Review pros/cons environmental aspects and costs of each.【Get Price】