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Boats of that size usually have foam distributed around the boat in such a way that if the boat swamps it floats right side up. What is generically called level flotation. Filling the bottom all the way across almost guarantees it will roll over. Boat manufactures usually leave a space open down the middle of the boat.【Get Price】

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LAST-A-FOAM ® TR-Marine High Density Foam Core LAST-A-FOAM ® TR-Series Marine high density polyurethane foams are specially formulated to meet the physical property demands of FRP-composite boat builders.【Get Price】

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When building or repairing a boat take advantage of today's modern building materials. Fiberglass. Fiberglass is a weather resistant material that is easy to use over wood or other composite materials. Fiberglass boat building has been a staple in boatbuilding / boat construction since World War II.【Get Price】

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Boat Deck Repair Foam. AeroMarine Products Boat Deck Repair Foam is an 8# density polyurethane pour foam. Our 8# pour foam is a very dense structural foam with thicker cell walls which support more weight. You can apply fiberglass cloth and epoxy over the cured pour foam when fixing your boat deck.【Get Price】

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I know that various boat manufacturers use structural foam in their cored decks and hulls and it is a great design. but that's how it was designed. Mine was designed with cored balsa not foam. That said I know the primary concern for any foam construction is water intrusion and waterlogging.【Get Price】

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Welcome to The FOAM BOAT. As you can see this is a one passenger 2 module hull with exceptional buoyancy. It can be paddled rowed or motorized. Needless to say it is unsinkable having 2 buoyancy chambers as well as the foam structure.【Get Price】