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I’m not going to tell you that Hollow One is the best deck in Modern right now or that it’s much better than any of the other top decks. Modern is a format of endless possibilities and there are approximately 30 other decks that you can easily win a tournament with on any given weekend. There is just no best deck.【Get Price】

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Right now I think it’s one of the best choices in Modern. Hollow One has the ability to beat any deck in the format. It’s explosive enough resilient enough and has just enough disruption to compete with almost any deck. Here’s my deck list from this past weekend in case you missed it in my article last week.【Get Price】

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Hollow One is beyond any doubt a tier 1 deck and therefore something you need to be ready to face when playing Modern. Hollow One attacks the board on two distinct angles both of which work neatly in concert with one another. First it can “cheat” large creatures into play all of which are fueled by discarding cards.【Get Price】

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Deck Name Player Event Date Position; Hollow One: Pacmensch: Event FR20 @ Cockatrice - Discord: 03/09/2020 7 of 18 Hollow One: yumad3988: MTGO Modern League: 10/07/2020 36 Hollow One: SightWinner: MTGO Modern League: 26/06/2020 27 Hollowine: BrackAttack: MTGO Modern League - Undefeated Decks: 31/03/2020 57【Get Price】

Hollow One (Modern MTG Deck)

Updated Nov 09 2020 by Quints3 using our MTG Deck Builder. [[Hollow One]]! Hollow One is my favorite deck. I have been testing and pushing to find a better build.【Get Price】

Hollow One (Modern MTG Deck)

Hollow One is a fast paced aggro deck that plays a few creatures that get value from discarding cards discard as many cards as possible in the early game and then swing with big creatures.【Get Price】

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Top Modern Hollow one Decks. We have collected the top Hollow one Modern decks from the latest tournaments. (Hollow one is also known as Hollow one Mono-R Madness). Its current price is around 444$.【Get Price】