who is responsible for the fence in my back garden

Who is responsible for the fence at the end of a garden .

Generally speaking if it is a fence across the back of the garden in our local area the adjoining neighbours would be equally responsible for maintaining the fence.【Get Price】

Fence Disputes: Do You Know Who Owns The Fence Between Two .

The most convenient way to uncover who owns the fence between two neighbouring houses and the legal owner of the barrier is with a transfer title plan or conveyance deed. If you can’t locate it in writing look for the T-mark on these documents which if positioned on your side of the fence indicates right of possession.【Get Price】

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To put it simply any individual who has made it a point to look after the fence will usually be held responsible for any issues that may arise. For example your neighbour might be required to make repairs if he or she has previously taken care of the fence; even if the structure itself is located on your side of the boundary.【Get Price】

Fencing on Property Line: Who Pays for and Maintains It .

Local fence laws determine who is responsible for paying for and maintaining partition fences so it is important to check your state and local ordinances. However in most jurisdictions both property owners must equally pay for and maintain a fence that runs on or close to a property line.【Get Price】

Which Garden Fence Am I Responsible for?

HI All I've just received a call from one of my tenants who wants to paint and mend the garden fence on the left-hand side (standing in garden with back to【Get Price】

LEFT OR RIGHT: Which Fence Side Is My Responsibility?

The responsibility for establishing which property owner is responsible for which fence is up to the discretion of the original landlord who’s divided his large property into smaller land plots.【Get Price】

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If the fence is in your own yard sorry you're probably responsible for all repairs and replacement legally. You could however ask your neighbor for assistance as a courtesy although your neighbor can also choose to decline to share costs.【Get Price】

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Who pays for fence repair really depends on the condition of the fence and how it was damaged. If the fence is dilapidated or damaged by an outside cause generally your landlord is responsible.【Get Price】

Fence Disputes: Do You Know Who Owns The Fence Between Two .

Arguments over fence ownership and responsibilities are some of the most common property disputes. No worries another strategy to solve the case and figure out which side of the fence are you responsible for is to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat on and find the Seller’s Property Information Form. This is a questionnaire that the previous .【Get Price】

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Probably the most common garden fence problem is deciding who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. As mentioned earlier talking to your neighbour and coming to a mutual conclusion can solve most issues. However if it isn’t as simple as this then it’s important to know where you stand.【Get Price】

How can I tell who owns the fence at the bottom of the garden .

My neighbour and I have a fence / panels between our gardens on the back garden. The height of the fence starts at 6 feet and since was effected by my neighbour on his garden which dips lower at the … read more【Get Price】