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Build the Base of the Deck Bench This is basically a small deck that you are going to build out of 2″x6″ and then anchor to the joists on the main deck. Ours is 70″ x 24″ – part of that 24″ will be overlapped by the existing deck boards. (Please avert your eyes from the mess underneath.【Get Price】

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Make the most of your outdoor living space by building your own macrocarpa sleeper bench seat.It's simple to make and easy to maintain and will let you enjoy.【Get Price】

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Adding A Bench Seat To An Existing Deck - If you plan your deck properly it may develop into the center of your family and enjoyable life once the weather is fine. Finally decide how you are very likely to hold the deck away from the ground. If you are building a square deck make certain to check diagonal measurements.【Get Price】

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The distances between seat posts will vary depending on the existing deck’s joist spacings but should never be more than 1500mm (5ft) apart. Position the holes next to the joists (see drawing) or in the case where that is not possible or where there are no joists blocking needs to be fitted. Cutting the post holes in the deck【Get Price】

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You can incorporate a bench between permanent planters you can build movable freestanding benches (although 2x furniture can get heavy) or you can take advantage of the strength of dimension lumber and your deck framing and build these permanent benches. Whatever you choose we've got the steps covered below. Working time 2 days【Get Price】

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The most practical material to use for the seat of any bench is 2x4. Four 2x4s spaced 1/4" apart create a 14 3/4" surface and with 2x4 or 1x4 edge trimming the final bench seat measures between 16 1/4" and 17 3/4". A very comfortable size. 2x2s are also excellent for the seating surface.【Get Price】

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They are inexpensive and easy to build and can be added on to an existing deck. Benches add a great deal of seating capacity with little relative expense. Individual chairs will cost much more and provide far fewer seats. Chances are you will not want benches to be your sole seating option but instead a supplement to chairs.【Get Price】

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Making the post holes in the deck Use the same decking materials to construct a fixed deck seat as used on the deck itself. In this example 90mm x … Continue Reading about Adding a Bench Seat to an existing deck →【Get Price】