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Wooden Doors vs Composite Doors: Which is the Best Option?

Composite doors are also not as easy to paint so changing looks is not as feasible as it is with a wooden door. A composite doors look good and maintain its integrity for about 10-20 years a much shorter lifespan than wooden doors. Simple composite doors may be less expensive but must be replaced more frequently than a robust wooden door.【Get Price】

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Composite doors are made from synthetic material that has the look and feel of a wooden door. These doors are made from different materials molded together that helps make them strong and durable. The doors have reinforced skin that gives them the look of grain finish.【Get Price】

5 Reasons why a Composite Door is better than a Solid Wood Door

In regards to thermal or noise insulation both wooden and composite doors excel when compared to other doors on the market. However whilst a composite door will retain its insulative properties over time a wooden door will not.【Get Price】

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For those on a more conscious budget wooden doors are often cheaper than their composite counterparts. But wooden doors also have their downsides. When it comes to UK weather wooden doors are susceptible to rainfall which can cause them to swell and when it’s sunny and warm they can warp.【Get Price】

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Composite Doors - cons The #1 disadvantage of a composite door is the unique character that they lack. Every door looks similar and they lack that beauty that wood doors have. While factory finished composite doors (that are usually white or a solid color) have a durable finish faux wood finishes can be finicky.【Get Price】

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The greatest advantage that composite doors have are that they’re virtually indistinguishable from real wood and are far stronger. Composite wood will not warp or require repainting. Another great advantage is that the composite doors costs far less than their solid wood counterparts.【Get Price】