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1x4s-approx 16ft (we used old fence panels that already had the ‘dog ear’ cut at the tips) Box of Wood Screws-1 1/4in long; Spray paint-red & black; Old wood stain-To make the wood for the turkey feathers look old (if you bought new wood).【Get Price】

Best Housing and Fencing for Raising Turkeys

Usually there’s a fence surrounding the turkey shelter as mentioned earlier. There are many types of fences that you can use as long as predators can’t climb or dig their way inside. Topping the fence with a net or using electric poultry netting are other popular solutions widely used by farmers to protect their turkeys.【Get Price】

26 Turkey repellent ideas | repellent foraging turkey

If you live in an area where turkeys forage in your yard here are a few things that might help. DIY repellant = 2C vinegar 1C water. for pets add tsp vegetable or almond oil and a few spoons of lemon juice or citrus oil or peppermint oil.【Get Price】

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Whether your turkeys are allowed free movement over range pasture or are being confined in a pen area the fencing material should be as high as possible at least four feet given that these birds.【Get Price】

Turkey Housing: Housing & Fencing Guide For Raising Turkeys

Turkey Fencing As turkeys are big in size and good flyers so the fencing should be as high as possible. The fencing have to be at least four feet high. If you want to avoid flying then trim their wing feathers.【Get Price】

Can I build a fence tall enough for my turkeys??? | BackYard .

I have 12 of the sweetest turkey poults!!! They are so much more affectionate than my chicken chicks ever were! So we have a six foot tall wooden panel fence right now. I realize that when the turkeys are all grown up they will be able to perch on or jump over the fence. Our neighbor has.【Get Price】