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Exposure to PVC often includes exposure to phthalates which may have serious health effects. Besides health problems there are a number of negative environmental impacts from the production and use of this material such as problems in disposing of PVC which is very difficult to recycle.【Get Price】

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PVC wall panels in bathrooms and shower areas these days are the primary choice when you consider refurbishing the bathroom or adding a shower. When fitting a brand new bathroom suite or shower enclosure the addition of some decorative waterproof PVC panels will create a real distinction.【Get Price】

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PVC or polyvinyl chloride has a very high flammability rating compared to traditional cast iron sewer pipes or copper. Generally PVC has a melting point of a few hundred degrees. In addition PVC pipes are reffered as “poison plastics” by some as they release upwards of 58 percent carbon when engulfed in flame based on my research.【Get Price】

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The Main Disadvantages of PVC Wall Panels in Your Bathroom It's only fair to share. There are many areas of your bathroom than are more important than others to you your bathroom or your design. There’s the suite that many will focus on the colour scheme or even the storage that can be overlooked.【Get Price】

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Disadvantages of PVC Wall Panels Compared to Similar Products PVC wall panels have printed designs often imitating traditional wall cladding. When compared to tiles PVC bathroom wall panels may look the part but it does not have the relief and texture of wall tiles. It is clear that the wall panel is not genuine.【Get Price】