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If your post is 6-feet tall you will dig down at least 2 feet. For the width you need to make the hole three times the width of the post you intend to use. You need to dig a 12-inch wide hole for a 4-foot wood post. Gates require a hole with a depth of 36 to 40 inches in the ground and with a diameter of at least 12 inches.【Get Price】

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Plan to dig your post holes 6 inches deeper to have room for gravel. Holes should also be dug 10-12 inches wide or about 3 times the width of the post. Before you dig be sure to call your local utilities company to mark any underground cables. Also reassess your fence layout and make sure your posts are where you want them.【Get Price】

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How deep should I dig fence posts To begin we suggest digging the post hole so it is approximately three times wider than the fence post. For example if you have a 3 inch wide post that you need to sit over 1.83m (6ft) in height above the ground we recommend the hole size should be: 230mm [wide] (9”) x 600mm [depth].【Get Price】

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In general the post hole should be one third as deep as the fence is tall. So if you’re installing a 6-foot tall fence your post hole should be at least two feet deep. You’ll also want to be sure the bottom of the post sits below the frost line. For more information on post hole depth check out our blog on the topic.【Get Price】