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Cut Deck Joint Tape in 8' sections and place deck tape across your aluminum cross channels. We recommend doing only the aluminum cross channels where two pieces of plywood join together. Our Deck Joint Tape will prevent water from seeping up from underneath the deck and getting the boat carpet wet. 2.【Get Price】

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Aluminum Decking on a Pontoon Boat | Wahoo Decks. Aluminum is known to be used in many different ways. From soda cans to outdoor decking it has made an impact both economically and environmentally on products . Chat Now Send Inquiry; Aluminum Pontoon Decking Aluminum Pontoon Decking.【Get Price】

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An Overview of Pontoon Boat Decking. Here’s what we’ll review: The pontoon deck’s purpose; How the deck’s attached; Deck materials with the pros and cons of each; Deck sizes; Deck covering options; What Pontoon Boat Decking Is (and Its Purpose) The purpose of a boat deck is to provide structure and support.【Get Price】

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Aluminum Pontoon vs Fiberglass Deck. Aluminum pontoon or fiberglass deck? Pick the family entertainer that fits you best.【Get Price】

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Designed for extra large pontoon boat corners the JIF Marine DMH Large Corner Casting is made from aluminum for lasting durability. The simple rounded design provides maximum coverage to keep your deck’s edges protected from as much mechanical damage as possible.【Get Price】

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Aluminum Planking Specifications: Our standard 2" x 6" 2" x 8" 2" x 10" and 2" x 12' seat and foot plank will support a 120 plf (pounds per linear foot) uniform live load up to a maximum 6' span.【Get Price】


I have three types of deck edging in stock priced as follows per linear foot: 2" x 3" Polished multi-curve with rub rail insert (insert included) @ $7 per linear foot in 12' lengths.3" Anodized without rub rail @ $5 per linear foot in 20' lengths. 1/2" x 3" Polished multi-curve with rub rail insert (insert included) @ $7 per linear foot in 12' lengths.Questions? Call Bill at 573-729-4617 or .【Get Price】

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Some high-end pontoons use aluminum decking on the boat. Whether it be aluminum sheeting or planking this type of pontoon decking is very durable and strong. Due to the slick nature of the aluminum decking it is often covered with a non-slip tape or spray-on covering to aid passengers in their mobility while not promoting slipping.【Get Price】

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The deck of a boat plays an important role in how it looks feels and performs. Pontoon boat decking is available in different materials that have varying costs and life. The weight of the decking will affect the performance of a boat. A lighter deck material will have lesser impact on its speed and fuel economy than a heavier deck.【Get Price】

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Find pontoon boat aluminum decking optimized for durability and a smooth rowing experience on pontoon boat aluminum decking in different materials seating capacities and sizes available.【Get Price】

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You can choose from several different sizes of pontoon boats and there are a few customizations when it comes to color decking and some material options. Otherwise you can order the Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit with knowing that it will probably the least complicated build you’ll ever do in your life. 4. J’s Upper Deck Aluminum Deck Kit【Get Price】

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Bamaman wrote:Originally just about every pontoon boat came with marine plywood decking.Then many companies started using aluminum before switching back to plywood. My Starcraft pontoon is 26 years old and all of my decking is good--except for the small pieces on each side of my motor.【Get Price】