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A true story of the day the kid climbed our fence to get his ball out of our yard was the day we had to wake up and realize that our fence was not fool-proof. We decided to take steps to protect our dogs and the people who violate the fence rules.【Get Price】

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Some dogs can jump very high and can manage to get out because they see the fence as a challenge or an obstacle. But that is not what the fence is for. You’d prefer your dog not see it as a puzzle they need to solve but as a protection from other dogs and the environment.【Get Price】

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Some fences are too short for an athletic agile German Shepherd. They can easily scale a 4 to a 5-foot fence and I know some GSDs to jump as high as 10 feet. At the minimum install a fence that is 6 to 7 feet high. If your dog still escapes this height then consider adding on chicken wire to the top of the fence as another obstacle.【Get Price】

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The most proven way to prevent your shepherd from jumping the fence is simply to make it impossible to jump and what is a better way to do that than raising the height of the fence. A fence extension provides a cost-effective and easy way to make your old fence taller without building a new one.【Get Price】

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German shepherds can jump between 4-6 feet high on average. However they have been known to jump up to 10 feet in the air. So if your fence is smaller than 6 feet it’s no wonder they’re able to jump over it.【Get Price】

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Big dogs need big fences…because they can jump! A four-foot high fence is unlikely to deter a Husky Golden Retriever or Labrador so you should look for a fence with a height of five or even six feet. For most breeds six feet should be sufficient. Some owners start adding extensions to make their fences higher and higher.【Get Price】

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'Yanko' tests just how high Tefnut the German Shepherd can jump. Will he be able to reach the stick from the highest step of the ladder? You'll have to watch.【Get Price】

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What To Consider When Buying A Fence. If your german shepherd is jumping the fence you may just plan on buying a new one. Getting a new one can be an effective way of keeping your german shepherd in but there are a few things to remember. Make Sure It’s At LEAST 6 Foot. As previously mentioned the average german shepherd can jump up to 6 .【Get Price】

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Fix any gaps or places where the dog could go over or under the fence. Remove any objects that the dog could jump onto to get over the fence. If your fence or gate is less than 5 feet consider adding an extension. A young German Shepherd can easily jump over a 4-5 foot fence or gate and some can even jump a 7 foot fence! 2.【Get Price】

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Just like a real fence. Dogs absorb a lot more than you expect when training getting the details right is extremely important.The USSR did learn that when training dogs to run below tanks with bombs strapped to them in WW2 when the dogs had been trained on stationary soviet tanks and preferred running under those in the field.【Get Price】

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German Shepherd Dogs can Grow 22 to 26 inches tall. And they have excellent Jumping Abilities. To avoid that your German Shepherd Does not Jump over a Fence you have to have a Fence at Least 6 feet tall (Better if more). 2 – Choose Fences That Do Not Let Your Dog To See Out.【Get Price】

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For most breeds including German Shepherds a six-foot fence should be sufficient. Four feet would be easy for them and other big breeds to hop over. If you have a fence your dog keeps jumping over look into building a new fence rather than raising the height. Raising the height will teach your dog to jump higher and higher.【Get Price】