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Fence Replacement Etiquette | Dealing With Neighbors | Wood .

In many situations a neighbor will feel a sense of ownership over the existing fence either because they paid for it feel that it is on their property or simply because they’ve been there longer than you. The best place to start is finding out who legally owns the fence. Looking at your property lines on your land plat survey【Get Price】

Good Neighbor Fence Etiquette | Fence Guidelines and Tips

Avoid fence disputes by practicing fence etiquette--a good neighbor policy. If you follow zoning regulations and share basics with neighbors before construction you can install a new fence AND stay on good terms with the folks next door.【Get Price】

What to Do if a Neighbor Builds a Fence on Your Property .

If your survey offers proof that your neighbor's fence was actually erected on your property you have every right to ask for that portion of the fence to be moved. Put that request in writing and.【Get Price】

How to Build a Fence: 'Good Neighbor Fence' Etiquette .

Even if the neighbors aren't going to participate in the building or repairing of a fence Markel recommends letting them know about your intentions so that if say you remove or repair the fence .【Get Price】

Fencing Laws and Your Neighbors: FAQs - WPC

The neighbor that built the fence owns it and is solely responsible for its maintenance unless the other neighbor decides to use it. Every state defines "use" differently (see above) but most laws are satisfied when a property owner encloses their property by using an existing fence.【Get Price】

Can a neighbour attach something to my fence? Boundary Rules

Attaching plant pots lights or anything else to your neighbour’s wall or fence will require permission! If the wall is on the right then you must ask your neighbour. If you go ahead and attach something then you can technically be prosecuted for criminal damage although cases are sporadic.【Get Price】