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The GramLine Old Style Profile (ColorLine) has been manufactured for over 20 years & similar looking to the roofing & walling sheet. GramLine 3 Dimensional Lattice (1999) The stylish 3 Dimensional Steel Lattice comes in a variety of standard widths heights and colours.【Get Price】

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The GramLine Plinth fits under your Bottom Rail and inside the Channel Post of your GramLine Steel Privacy Fence either as a single section or multiple sections (up to five). This acts either as a "WeedWall" a "Retaining Wall" or both. GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile (1996)【Get Price】

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Gramline is the #1 fencing supplier and contractor in Australia provide fencing services in Sydney Melbourne Perth and Brisbane.【Get Price】

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Natural Fencing offer a number of alternative Steel Fencing solutions to Colorbond including the extensive range of fencing products available in the Gramline range. ColorBond offers a large range of fencing colour options to choose from all of which are shown below.【Get Price】

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GramLine warrants that the GramLine Steel Privacy Fencing supplied is manufactured from prime quality material and will have a life prior to perforation by weathering in the natural elements of 10 years from the date of installation. GramLine offers this warranty in the knowledge that the products it uses are uncompromised for quality.【Get Price】

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GramLine® is considered to be the No.1 manufacturer and leader in Steel Privacy Fencing in Australia. Rolfen last made by Carlray was the first Steel Privacy Fencing System and was introduced in the mid 1970′s. Rolfen is no longer available.【Get Price】

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The NEW GramLine Plinth helps to slow down weeds rubbish dirt grass and even snakes from entering your backyard or property from under the Steel Privacy Fence. The GramLine Plinth fits under the bottom Slimline Rail and inside the Slimline Channel Posts of your GramLine Steel Privacy Fence.【Get Price】

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Gramline Steel Privacy Fencing and Colorbond Fencing Installation Guide【Get Price】

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Contact us now. Steel fences are the most popular boundary fence because they are the answer to most safety security and privacy concerns of all homeowners. The simplicity and style ensures both neighbours have a neat finish with a ten year steel warranty. At Wholesale Fencing Supplies we offer both Gramline and Colorbond products.【Get Price】

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SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet is the first Sawtooth/Zig-Zag profile ever produced in the WORLD for the Steel Privacy Fencing Industry and was GramLine’s first venture into new product development. The GramLine® Infill sheet was introduced into the market in 1996 and was registered to protect its integrity.【Get Price】