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Horizontal symmetry results from centering the veneer face on the panel and then trimming the edge. Center matching creates the most symmetrical pattern in architectural paneling and is often considered the most pleasing match. It is typically more expensive as the trimming and centering requires more veneer than other panel matching techniques.【Get Price】

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Book match is the most common matching type of veneer with roughly nine out of 10 spliced veneers falling under book match. To book match alternating leaves of veneer are turned over so that.【Get Price】

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Veneer Cuts and Matching Choosing the right veneer creates the right first impression. The cut color and face style of a veneer immediately defines the ambiance of a space. A high-end office for high-profile clients. A grassroots farm-to-table restaurant. A warm enriching classroom.【Get Price】

Laminate vs. Veneer vs. Solid Wood: What is the Best Surface?

While there is no way to match the durability of solid wood veneer furniture can certainly hold its own and is more resistant to warping than wood. For this reason veneer panels are often incorporated into pieces that also include solid wood components.【Get Price】

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The manner which veneer leaves are laid up within the panel require specification. Our standard process is Running Match. In Running Match each panel face is assembled from as many veneer leaves as necessary. This results in a non-symmetrical appearance with some veneer leaves of unequal width.【Get Price】

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Marlite provides all wood veneer panels with “book-matched” faces as a standard creating a symmetrical layout that the adjacent veneer leaves on the panel. Additionally custom layouts can be provided for individual panels per your specification including slip-match sketch-match random-match or balance-match faces.【Get Price】