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What to do when a water-leak damages your hardwood floor ...

The Solution: 1. Dry the floor out. When wood gets wet it has to be dried out which can be done in three...【Get Price】

How to get rid of moisture in hardwood flooring? - Home ...

12 Apr 2014 ... Your problem is obvious. Moisture is migrating up from the slab. I don't imagine anyone suggested to do a moisture check on the concrete...【Get Price】

Understanding Moisture Content in Wood | Hardwood Floors ...

1 Aug 2017 ... The wood used in the flooring industry is usually dried to a moisture content between 6-9 percent which is representative of a level appropriate...【Get Price】

Why You Should Test for Moisture Before Installing Flooring ...

Hardwood floors: Wood is particularly vulnerable to moisture damage. Excess moisture in wood floors can lead to warping buckling crowning or cupping...【Get Price】

Steps to Take if You Notice Hardwood Floor Water Damage ...

14 Oct 2017 ... One of the most telltale signs of hardwood floor water damage is known as cupping. This is what happens when moisture causes the wood to...【Get Price】

Hardwood Floor Moisture Warning Signs to Look Out For

21 Feb 2018 ... If water droplets continually form on the surface of a wood floor without an apparent source it could be an indication of excess moisture in the...【Get Price】

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Repair in Silver Spring MD

Water damaged wood floors are the perfect places for mold to grow. The longer the water damaged wood floor is left untreated the longer the wood floor is wet...【Get Price】

Mitigating Moisture in Hardwood Floors | 2015-10-01 | Floor ...

1 Oct 2015 ... Whether we're speaking of topically applied moisture or moisture intrusion from the side or beneath the wood floor moisture intrusion can be...【Get Price】

Moisture & Hardwood Floors Don't Mix – Universal Hardwood

27 Jul 2017 ... There are several common reasons why hardwood floors incur moisture damage ranging from high humidity to serious water spills. Sometimes if...【Get Price】

How To Repair Water Damaged Wood Floor

If flooding has occurred or if a large leak has caused your hardwood flooring to become wet and water damaged this article will help you repair the flooring...【Get Price】

How To Protect Your Wood Flooring From Moisture Damage ...

18 Nov 2013 ... Early stages of moisture damage may be limited to certain areas of the room or even certain planks. Damage spreads and worsens as the...【Get Price】

Hardwood Flooring: Moisture Problems and Warning Signs | Th

3 Jul 2018 ... The main cause of moisture problems with hardwood flooring come from underneath the floor. If you have already installed your wood floor and...【Get Price】

How to Do Moisture Testing of Wood Floors Before Installing

a. A wide moisture content range from at least 6 percent to 30 percent. b. The necessary adjustment tables conversion charts or settings for various species.【Get Price】

Warped Wood Floor Problems | Moisture Control For Wood ...

22 Sep 2017 ... Wood floors experience cupping when moisture becomes trapped underneath the wood. This sometimes happens when there's been a flood that...【Get Price】

What should I do if my wood floors are wet: A ServiceMaster ...

Remove wet items from the area. · Use a wet vacuum to soak up as much of the water as possible. · Clean the surface of the hardwood floor by scrubbing with a non...【Get Price】

How to Extract Water From Wood Flooring

Pull up water soaked carpets and remove furniture from the wet area. · Suction up as much water as possible using a wet vac. · Scrub the surface of the floor with a...【Get Price】

Wet Wood Flooring? Drying Advice to Minimize Damage ...

Water is the enemy of hardwood flooring. Due to the porous nature of wood moisture can be easily absorbed into the material. So your flooring may show signs...【Get Price】

Water damaged floors - The Australian Timber Flooring ...

Pine floors will absorb moisture quickly but are also quick to dry. ... However if the high density hardwood is sitting on wet pine plywood or particleboard for a...【Get Price】

Hardwood Floors In Winter: Why Moisture Matters

22 Sep 2020 ... Because wood absorbs moisture wood flooring changes size. The more humid the environment the more moisture the wood absorbs and the...【Get Price】

How to save your hardwood floors from water damage (or a ...

19 Sep 2017 ... When wood gets wet the wood absorbs the water and begins to expand and eventually cup (or warp). This is when the sides of the wood flooring...【Get Price】

How to Repair Hardwood Floor Water Damage Step by Step

10 Jun 2019 ... Hardwood flooring will absorb moisture more quickly due to its porosity. Besides response time successful hardwood floor water damage repair...【Get Price】

Wet Timber & Wood Floor Drying Service - NLR

Wet Timber & Wood Floor Drying Service. We are specialists in drying hardwood floors after a flood. We are often asked: can water damaged wood floors be...【Get Price】

8 Steps for Drying Hardwood Floors | Certified Restoration

2 Apr 2018 ... The only way to effectively tackle a wet wood floor is clear it completely of furniture and rugs. If they are wet too set them outside in the sun to dry.【Get Price】

Can Hardwood Floor Cupping Be Fixed? Why Does It Happen?

Make sure you have a reliable wood moisture meter so you know how much the wood moisture content has risen or can identify wet problem areas. While several...【Get Price】

How moisture affects hardwood floors · Stan's Flooring

Note that equilibrium moisture contents in the recommended temperature/humidity range (shaded area) coincide with the 6 to 9 percent range within which most...【Get Price】